Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Silber Sounds of Christmas

Moral Crayfish was one of the 24 artists to contribute a song to Silber Recordings’ Christmas compilation Silber Sounds of Christmas. Moral Crayfish contributed a track entitled, “He was disturbed & all of Jerusalem with him.” The following is a list of all the artist who contributed to the compilation: Origami Tacet, immune, Rachel Goldstar, Siberia, living in photographs, Small Life Form, Electric Bird Noise, The Zanzibar Snails, Plumerai, Remora, Sailor Winters, Shiny Around the Edges, Peter Aldrich, Wrong Brothers, Bokor, 230 divisadero, Moral Crayfish, South West Airline, recorded home, Remora, Duane Pitre/Pilotram, Mars Field, Goddakk vs JM, Blessed Child Opera, My Ambient Nature Girl, The Wades, The Torch Marauder featuring Matt Westlake & The Upsidedown Stars.

You can purchase a copy of Silber Sounds of Christmas
here or download it for free here.