Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MORAL CRAYFISH: Catastrophic Success

All sounds made by Dan Cohoon using prepared guitar, screwdrivers, chopsticks, dowel rods, bells and various other household objects. This E.P. is less dependent on prepared guitar than previous work. Most of the sounds were produced using everyday objects that were then manipulated on the computer. It was recorded from Summer of 2005-Winter 2006 in Glen Mills, PA. It was mastered by Jacob Anderson @ Tape Mountain HQ.
Moral Crayfish: Catastrophic Success Posted by Picasa

The name Catastrophic Success comes from one of the many brilliant mis-statements our dear leader has made in regards to Iraq. A reporter asked what he thought of the situation in Iraq. George W. Bush replied that it was a “Catastrophic Success!” Well, he got it half right.

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