Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Moral Crayfish
I feel for you, but I can not find you (dead-fish tapes) 1997
It could be worse, it could be you (self released) 1999
Pain’s Temporary Glory (un-released) 1999
If you build it, we will burn it. (nilla cat) 2002
We did not do it, but we dug it! (field theory recordings) 2005
Catastrophic Success (field theory recordings) 2006
Month of the Dog (rumpus) 2006
I am Fully Aware of My Own Unreality (field theory recordings) 2007
Gadolinite (field theory recordings) 2008
Go To Church (field theory recordings) 2009
Taken Girls
The Best of all Possible Worlds (tape mountain) 2002