Tuesday, June 03, 2008

MORAL CRAYFISH: I am fully aware of my own unreality

Moral Crayfish (cover art)Posted by Picasa

This album was recorded in the month of November, 2007 for the National Record a Solo Album Month. It deals with a missadventure by Dan Cohoon involving a certain town on the north shore of Massachusetts. [Hints: It is the town north of Witch City USA (a town making profit off of the massacre of women for over 250 years); it is where the people who killed all witches actually lived; John Updike lives there; Julia Childs liked to frequent a bad Chinese restaurant just north of the town; it is the town that birthed the American Navy (unless you talk to the folks in Marblehead); it is known to some as the Garden City.] All sounds made by Dan Cohoon using prepared guitar (electric and acoustic), pot lids, chop sticks, hand drum, harmonica, violin, snare drum, maracas, Yamaha DX-100, Casio CT-K 330, Hondo II, Washburn, toy keyboards and various other implements of clatter.

If you you prefer the physical object you can get it via PayPal for $5.00